IRA is selling illegal software

The IRA are not selling warez for 7cents, you would not know if a game you brought were pirated or not. They are selling exact copies of games, on blue disks with printed labels, in proper cases with manuals for full price, they mould plastic cases, print thir own manuals and they use presses to make the disks, not a cd writer, or thats how I understand it, so if you want to keep money from them get a modchip, and copy the game yourself

It’s fucking idiots like RDJ who help to fund/support the IRA and similar criminal organisations. These people are underworld scum …not even in the same ballpark as freedom fighters.

If Northern Ireland was “given back” so to speak (which according to referendums north and south is not wanted), do you think all the filth would go back to normal jobs and normal incomes? I don’t …they are raking it in from illegal activities and funding from morons like RDJ and people actually believe they are spending it all on weapons and bombs for some greater cause. They don’t want to see the end of the 'troubles".

Comments like 'the kneecapping is a punishment and warning" fucking disgust me :[ You have no idea what you are talking about and in your small unintelligible way you are part of the problem!

you are the bigest mother fucker i ever saw, you have NO FUCKING IDEA what the IRA are about, PRICK, i was a long time soldier been there done it and worn the t - shirt, these arseholes are a bunch of idiots out for personal gain, if they really were for the irish people they would have listened to them a long time ago and stoped there stupid shit when the IRISH PEOPLE ASKED FOR THAT you have comented on A subject you have NO FUCKING IDEA ABOUT WHAT SO EVER; next time shut your mouth BOY .!!! grrrrrr

Your also totaly misinformed, learn the REAL facts then come back DICK HEAD!!!