IRA is selling illegal software

I just posted the article IRA is selling illegal software….

According to an article @ The Register the IRA needs money, and is using illegal PS2 copies for it

The Real IRA, the dissident Republican outfit behind the Omagh bomb that killed 29 people two…

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that old news they have been doing it for years and thats boths sides

Ira rulezzz big time!!!
Keep going GUYS!!!

you got my support (and im dutch not irisch)

1 thing i dont understand why copy games for a system that havnt got a mod chip yet???

strange people thos irisch hehehe

1 thing i dont understand why copy games for a system that havnt got a mod chip yet???

strange people thos irisch hehehe

They sell no copy’s, but illegal pressed PS2 games, I think…

those bastards use priated software to buy weapons and make bombs, all to kill other people.

Id ont have any sympathy for anyone killing someone for his beliefs.

Strange tradepolicy: first sell illegal warez, then kill the customers they sold it to. This belongs in the category “How to kill your own business” … indeed strange people them IRA’s !!!

I like it … They must be pretty desparate though to sell illegal software to get funds. I mean like here in northamreica software piracy is not lucrative at all … people do it for nothing … CD-Rs that i bought 2 dyas ago cost me 7 cents each (yes 7 US cents ) and they were 80 minutes each. People here wont even give you 5 dollars for the full ISO verion of office 2000 … so unless its not like this in europe its a bad choice of businesses to get into …


you tosser I take it you have never experienced first hand the kind of devastation that a small band of loonies with semtex can cause?

NO I thought not people like you (and the Americans who help fund them) make me puke, you all sit in your safe little homes and think ‘ooh how romantic freedom fighters’ when will you people get wise to the fact that the IRA (and other terrorists) are no more freedom fighters than the MAFIA (remember that’s exactly how they started out - to defeat French invaders) the IRA fight at first nay have been justified, but how long since anyone starved in Northern Ireland eh?

you complete arsehole (you have got to be about twelve)


Ira is fighting for a free ireland the catholics are treated like second class citizens they have the right to fight for there freedom!!

and bye the way im 28 and not 12 i know where im talking about im not a kid.

and go fuck your self dutch hater!!

if anyone can get RDJs ip then i will personally see that he is shut down. the ‘real’ IRA are not fighting for a ‘free ireland’ they are extorting money, kneecaping (shooting peoples kneecaps out), killing, murdering innocent WOMEN AND CHILDREN. if you are the kind of person that thinks that this is acceptable then you are not a man. ask ANYONE who lives in ireland and they will say that they just want to be left in peace away from paramilitarys. finally after hundreds of years the dispute is almost solved, save the damn real ira and a few others there would be no problem. seriously guys these are scum, after profit not ‘freedom fighting’.

have no sympathy!

could turn out in a nice fight when they come to roll up the IRA

ofcoz with a lot of bomb actions after it then to release the captured members

ok got more to say.
i DO NOT SUPPORT killing of inocent people like woman and children thats not right!!

Its about that people treated as second class so no wonder they resit against the english

the kneecapping is a pubishment and warning its not that they kneecap for fun!

and 1 in not afraid of you my ip changes every time i dail up!

RDJ I am from N.Ireland
those wankers in the real IRA kill innocent people for no reason I call on the Omagh bomb as a sample of the freedom that they fight for
cathloic children and women were killed That was not soldiers they killed that was Women and children If I could show how big those dickheads our

nothing but little kids withs guns. they don’t help the community they make sure that their commander is kept in his big house and on expensive holidays. Is it “RIGHT” that people in IRA commuity are afraid of their “freedom Fighters” and support them out of fear

Im sorry if i offended people whit my post.
like i said before i dont support killin inocent people.

I never tought my post would make so much troubles and emotions.

But i also think its stupid to fight over religion i dont give a shit if my neighbore is maby we in europe see things another way…

DutchHATER, why do you hate Dutch people? Just because one guy says something he didn’t think about in the first place? Or are you so bittered that you hate anything that’s not like you? People like you cause wars and it sounds to me like you could join those fuckers at RIA who kill innocent people just because they believe in something else…

It’s almost X-Mas, let’s fake peace for a while…as we do every year around this time!

this really has me thinking twice about buying warez! i hate the IRA and other terrorist groups, and don’t want to support them.

Your RIGHT Euphoria, it’s almost X-MAS Money money that’s the big problem for all of us and create hate en war. Remember John Lennon - Make Love Not War (Fijne Sinterklaas vandaag voor iedereen) .-= XiNiX =-.

Nah I don’t hate the Dutch (don’t even know any) they are a bit sparse around Manchester

but I do take an instant dislike to people from countries where terrorism is not really an issue (the USA until very recently when they got their first real taste of whet the reality is) spouting about a subject they know very little about,

most people see the movies and 1: believe it or 2: think it is still the same problem 200 years on,

the same people who watched Braveheart and thought what a nice guy (William Wallace killed small children and wore a human skin belt)

or the recent Patriot where the badies (English) burned down a Church full of people (this NEVER actually happened in the war of independence) the Movie biz has a lot to answer for,

it is no longer the times of Michael Collins and the IRA and opposing terror fanatics are only in it for the money, they bomb some poor innocent sod and get publicity from it, which leads to a rise in contributions,

I was in Manchester when the bomb went off there and will NEVER forget as long as I live the horror (if not small miracle that no one was killed)

so RDJ don’t apologise just learn the truth,

oh and the kneecapping is usually done to some rebellious teenager who joyrides (as an up-yours to the IRA) when they really needed a smack round the head,

another punishment is to dig a small vertical hole in an out of the way place and dump the unlucky person who has offended them in it head first, they are then left to DIE very painfully, this is not the action of a person who is fighting for justice and freedom is it?

they are truly grim people…