Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro 7.5 Released!



New in WS_FTP Pro 7.5:

Faster File Uploads:
Interactive Tutorials & Upload Wizard
Step-by-step directions that walk you through the essentials of using FTP including connecting to an actual ftp site and transferring a file to and from your PC.
Easily accessible from the Start menu or by right clicking on any file in Windows Explorer, the Upload Wizard steps the user through directly and quickly uploading files and folders directly from Windows Explorer to an ftp server.

Increased productivity:
Connection Process
More intuitive and direct connections through these features:
Sites Menu enables you to save your current ftp connection as a favorite site, create new sites using the New Site wizard, and organize your favorites.
Connection dialog box makes it easy to create new sites, connect to your favorites, and get assistance via tutorials and reference tools.
Shortcuts for the quickest connections

Increased reliability:
Auto Resume & Auto Retry Options
Auto Retry: Allows you to define the number of automatic retries for failed downloads to increase your chance of a successful transfer.

Auto Resume: Automatically resume or restart interrupted or failed transfers if any session is terminated involuntarily (ex. broken connections, application closure, computer shut down, or interruption of power). Once WS_FTP Pro is restarted it automatically reconnects and completes the interrupted transfer.

Better Management:
Improved Transfer Manager
An added Transfer History summarizes the most recent transfer sessions, presents successful uploads/downloads, and allows for downloaded files to be executed via a right-click.

More reasons to buy WS_FTP Pro 7.5:
WS_FTP has been setting the standards for ftp functionality since the dawn of the Internet, drawing upon its expertise in providing customer-focused file transfer utilities

WS_FTP is recognized as by far the most popular ftp product family with over tens of millions of users worldwide

WS_FTP comes with comprehensive customer and technical support .


It´s a very nice upgrade to an faithful old servant…:slight_smile:



I’ll stick with Bullet-Proof FTP. In the old days, WS_FTP was
nice (it still is a very good program) but the interface is so… old :slight_smile: