Ipod won't turn on

Hey guys. Hopefully someone knows if either a) there’s a way to fix this, or b) i am just S.O.L.

My 80GB ipod classic was working fine one day, and the next it will not turn on. I have tried all the troubleshooting fixes I could find, and am now turning to my favorite forum for advice.

the only thing I did differently than normal was plug the usb into a 7 port external reader since my front usb seems to have broken something off that held the usb’s in place.

Do ipods just crap out at some point? ordered a new 160GB one, but would love to be able to get the 80 working properly again so I can try and sell it

any help or ides are appreciated :slight_smile:

The August issue of Smart Computing magazine has an article “What to do when your iPod freezes”. Looks like it covers every option to get going again.

Would you remember what the battery life was like just before it died?

If you have the iPod for longer than 1.5 years and have been regularly using it, it’s quite likely that the battery has died, something I regularly see happen in laptops. With some laptops, after about a year and half of regular use on battery, it simply refuses to operate at all except on the mains. I’ve also seen this happen with a camcorder, where it worked happily for just over a year and then suddenly refused to turn on at all until its Lithium Ion battery was replaced.

A final thing I can think of worth trying is to open up the iPod and disconnect its battery for a few minutes. If you have a multimeter handy, check the DC voltage on the battery’s +/- terminals. This should be between 3v and 4.2v. If the reading is below 3v, the battery is likely defective.