Ipod Video not working on Ipod

I just upgraded from to and now the movies I want to put on my Ipod don’t work on my Ipod… Let me reword that… Umm… I want to convert another movie since I upgraded and now Itunes picks it up but my Ipod can’t use it… I have to go in to Itunes and right click on the movie and convert to Ipod/Iphone. When I have the old version I didn’t need to do that… Is there a setting on DVDFab that I can change to fix this problem? I seen where I can configure the movies but I only changed the name of the file not mess with the settings… Please let me know… Thanks…

as for why this is happening i dont know. :frowning:

do you have the previous version setup file saved? if not pm me your email address and i can send you platinum 4012 (i dont have 4021??)

hi, melocco

Please tell me more information about your problem, like which ipod profile is your using, and which output resolution is your selected.

and the iTune reject accept your converted file ? etc.

I think this will help me to fix this problem.

K… For the profile I have never changed anything… I didn’t touch that part nor did I mess with the rez… But this is what is selected…

I have the same problem. When did you last update your iPod? I think this may have caused the problem. I am trying to find a solution.

Just the other day


Please select another resolution for ipod output, not big than 640x480, I think this profile has some problem, ipod not support a resolution like that.

I tried to rename the file extention. no luck. still trying

640x480 at 1500kbps is the most an ipod will do (and appletv maxes out at 960x540). But I’ve seen a similar problem where a particular resolution not listed in the profile gets “stuck” as a default and nothing seems to get rid of it defaulting to it. If it bothers you, you can always to an uninstall and clean reinstall to fix it, otherwise just select a lower resolution each time and you should be fine

I’ve tried that… reinstall and full install after uninstalling it… Everytime I pull up a movie it is a different rez… But that’s OK… I’m going to get it to work here shortly.

Have you tried ConvertHQ Premium ?
it works. but it’s not free.


In the future version, I will add a option for keep the fixed resolution, so you can decide use the fixed resolution or the change aspect-ratio resolution.