iPod Touch 24/48 Music Question

I understand that iPod can handle 24-bit, 48kHz music (provided it is in Apple Lossless format) maximum.

I have some songs that are 24/44.1 and I was wondering how do I play these from the iPod Touch at 24/44.1?

From what I understand, the iPod will cut them down to 16/44.1 (CD quality) through the headphone jack.

Would one of those inexpensive $10 FiiO dock connectors with the line out on it, be able to output it at 24/44.1?

Without going off onto a tangent, I’d like to know how I can play <= 24/48 music on my iPod Touch, and output it at this bit depth and frequency without the iPod cutting it down to 16/44.1.