Ipod questions

Hi, new to ipod and all it’s features. :kiss:

I currently have about ten albums (Mp3’s) on my hard drive and I already created play lists in my Ipod library like Country, Jazz,Classic Rock,etc., and the hard drive(after I drag them into my perspective ipod libraries.

80 gig. ipod is disconnected. I deleted a few albums on my hard drive,then opened up my ipod library,and those album/songs had the exclamation point next to each song and said it can not be found.

Question. After I download albums/songs to ipod, is it safe to delete those same songs from the hard drive without erasing them from the ipod when I do connect it to computer,or do I delete ONLY the songs,not the folder play lists titles on the hard drive so when I add more songs to these directories, they will ADD TO the songs already on the ipod? Maybe I should make a Data backup for all these songs in case I accidentally erase all the time and energy spent adding to the ipod. Once the songs are in the ipod, I can keep adding to them?

I also would like to add my digital camera movies and jpg pictures to the ipod too. I tries dragging into the MOVIE folder in th ipod library like I did on the songs into their play lists but it never happened. Do I have to change the file extension on these movies? I’m not downloading podcasts or Theatrical movies on the ipod. Only songs,pictures, and digital camera movies.

So it’s ok to add/mix mp3’s in addition to regular CD’s (cda’s,wav’s) in the playlist’s or is it better to convert all the mp3’s to acc files for apple? Thanks! :clap:

The iPod syncs with whatever is in iTunes. As in, if it doesn’t exist in iTunes, it will be deleted from your iPod, period. You need to keep whatever you want on your iPod alive and kicking on your iTunes. Think of them as cojoined twins. As far as pictures go, in the iTunes options you can specify a folder on your hard drive from which you want to synchronize pictures from onto your iPod. As far as movies go, I don’t bother with that, so can’t help you there. But I hope I helped, anyway!