iPod plague on Redmond campus irks Microsoft management



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 To the casual observer, Microsoft's corporate setting  known as Redmond, the very center of the Windows Universe, seems serene and  orderly. Yet, there is a white cancer spreading, not...
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Actually I’m surprised iPods would be so popular among MS employees. Not because they are from Apple, but because there are better MP3 players for the same price. I guess MS employess are more likely to be peer pressure type buyers than idependant thinkers. Hmm, perhaps one could fathom some great ideals out of that statement.


I think it’s the interface. It is just so well done. I don’t have an iPod because it does not have an FM radio. But I like them.


Apparently the solution some MS employees have devised, to escape management pressure, was to use other earplugs so that they don’t get easily identified.


That 80% figure was already refuted by a microsoft employee at least a week ago, so the 16,000 of 25,000 is simply not accurate.


80% of 25,000 is 20,000. 16,000 of 25,000 is 64%. I know this is picky, but gives you an idea of the scope of the problem.:slight_smile:


80% of 25,000 is 20,000 users using Music Players… 80% of the 20,000 using music players use Ipod or 16,000… Scope of the problem is not understanding the problem


I’d like them to remove the headphones and start fixing the many problems in the many Microsoft products. This reminds me when people used to talk about Microsoft running Netware back in the days of Windows NT before version 3.51. Microsoft is evil; all that is missing are the evil minions with guns stealing nukes to hold the world hostage. But perhaps the RIAA could stage a little raid on them and fine M$ some nice money. Think of it, if only one of the songs on each Ipod is not legal? 10k fine for each one.


Slyder2 Thanks for the correction. tulsa


Why does this bother M$?


Because ipods are made by one of their arch-enemies.


I think Wired just made up this story. It’s not as if M$ have a competing product for the iPod. Is M$ also concerned about the number of Sony monitors on the campus?


I wonder how Balmer feels knowing that a good majority of his staff are “thieves” when it comes to their music. Cause as you know, all iPod owners are theives and they do not own any of the music that was put on the player. Let the RIAA invade M$. I wonder how long both entities will last in that legal fight.


{SARCASM} Oh yeah, your’re totally right. All iPop users are thieves. {/SARCASM} Please :r
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What makes it even funnier is that it was Bill Gates who helped save Apple from going under quite a few years back.:g
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I have to admit, this story is quite amusing if it holds truth. Quite a funny picture can be formulated of Microsloth employees running around campus using 3rd party headphones to “disguise” their Ipod addictions… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it would be awesome if the RIAA and M$ went to battle in a court of law. Who has deeper pockets? It would absolutely break my heart if M$ had to spend half their fortune bankrupting the RIAA into abandoning their fight.


they would be using 3rd party headphones because the stock ones suck, not to hide the iPod. And theres nothing wrong with M$… er i mean MS employees owning iPods. Some people with sense here have mentioned it. i dont see any logical reason to fantasize over this.


I think its being overblown. This looks to me to be merely management wanting employees to stick to doing their work, not listening to their iPods during working hours. I think even MS management is smart enough to know that they cannot dictate what people purchase and do during their non-working hours (unless it has to do with something like getting thrown in jail). So they know they cannot even suggest people give up their iPods completely, just don’t use them while they are at work.