iPod owners more honest than other Mp3 player owners

I just posted the article iPod owners more honest than other Mp3 player owners.

don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just relaying information that was offered to us.
We got a mail today from XTN Data, which is a research consultancy. It
seems that they very…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11367-iPod-owners-more-honest-than-other-Mp3-player-owners.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11367-iPod-owners-more-honest-than-other-Mp3-player-owners.html)

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after reading the headline, i thought this news-story was going to say that ipod owners are more honest and admit they use filesharing software and other mp3 player owners lie about not using it. :d I don’t know why i thought so but I agree this is more logical: 'It may be that the iPod has a more mainstream audience beyond the gadget fans which means they’re less aware of or have less desire to use filesharing software."

this seems kind of misleading I mean just because they downloaded 1 itune song dosn’t mean they have never downloaded an illegal mp3 file. I am sure the pepsi and burger king contest have really attributed to a good percentage of those people having ever downloaded 1 song from itunes. Still Ipod users arn’t more trustworthy they are just lazier and itunes really speeds up there search for music. Yes p2p apps can be just as easy but trying to find a song and then downloading one version and finding out it’s censored or altered by some loser dj wannabe is not worth the time nor effort.

52% of iPod owners male # 48% are female

Really? :d

iPod owners are sheep. Simple as that. Ask those before firefox became popular. What browser do you use? You’ll get the answer of Internet Explorer. Why is that? Because it’s already installed in Windows duh. Now taking that fact, why do sheep download using iTunes? Well, because downloading music is integrated into iTunes. Most of them are also very ignorant and don’t know of what is out there. They think that the iPod is newest piece of technology etc etc. Mp3s have been out for about 10 years, back in the pentium 1 days guys. This is the reason why I despise iPod owners.

What the hell is wrong with you? You despise people based on their MP3 player.
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what a load of pish!!!

PsPhreak, you need to seek professional help. iPod users probably use iTunes becuase Apple got it right and made it all simple/ntegrated. It’s not the newest technology, it’s just the best one available today. Hands down. Yea, you can dig into your geek bag and pull something out that probably has better features, but in the end, the iPod is the people’s champ! Just because alot of people don’t want to deal with P2P viruses, crappy ripped songs, and all that crap doesn’t make them less of a being.

What about the money? An iPod isn’t cheap, so, if you can buy it, you would have enough purchasing power for buying lots of CDs

More money is one thing, plus I think its got that Non techie image. Most tech people have the knowledge and know how to safely download music from p2p networks. Plus I think most DAP users aim for higher qulaity even lossless, that’s why.

Well i usally dont post on stuf like this but i had to add my 2¢. I Don’t own an iPod but do want one, i just want one with more storage, i will NEVER purchase compressed music period! I buy my CD’s and then encode them in iTunes and use my computer to play and i only do that for convience. In the near future i would like to re rip my collection in an uncompressed format, MP3 or any compression at high volumes causes ear fatigue. so i will admit i buy CDs and use music downloads to test tracks that i want to buy. so Music downloading is not for me, i think we need to get away from compressed music or make a system to better decode and replace sounds our ears cant hear but use for processing.

iTunes is a pos program. What’s the deal with not being able to take your stuff to a different computer without getting your stuff wiped out? Damn Apple tries to freak out people when their songs get erased and don’t know why. A big F U to Apple for that.

I like these reports that base their revealing conclusions on “…over 1000 UK ans US music buyers…” :slight_smile: This really changes things, Change your business planes right now, based on this report. :B

compression causes ear fatigue…? since when…?

what a load of bull, i know loads of people with ipods and they all ask me where to get mp3’s, they wont pay for them. Who’s the dick who made this survey

I just picked up a IRiver H10 20gb and firmware upgraded it to 2.51! Gawd almightly this thing makes the Ipoo such has-been. FM Receiver, Record from Radio and external Mic, Custom Skins, Fast HDD Access, Nice Interface, COLOUR (supports jpegs!), Views txt, Acts like a Flash drive (so you have almost 20gigs to use as storage via regular USB2.0)… copying any mp3/wma content to it without hassle and no restrictions. 20hour battery life. Best thing is: I got it for $230 w/all shipping to Canada whereas here it costs $365 before taxes!! Need I continue… Enuff said. :g
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I remember the days when I had iPod. I used to be a decent person, buying online music. But then something happened, I got myself a Zen Micro and became a p2p mp3 downloading scum of the earth.

you are all wrong - it simple fact is that Apple doesn’t advertise their player as an MP3 player and most of the sheep that buy that crap don’t even know that it can play MP3s. So all they think they can do is rip their CDs or buy from itunes.

I’m an MP3 Player Owner…Well Maybe not…then Again…:wink:

Working at an entertainment chain store, it’s funny how many iPod customers have no clue what an MP3 is.