IPOD music mp3 transfer software

I have a 2nd GEN IPOD windows. I am looking for software to move music from my IPOD to my computer and also from my computer back to my ipod.
I will be moving music files only MP3 Thank for any help. Free is always good.
I will be willing to pay for software.


what about itunes? It should support your ipod natively.


I have used ITUNES in the past not crazy about it.
Any other Ideas? Thank so much for the help.

Winamp with the ML_IPOD PLUGIN…


Anapod Explorer is very good, for a price…

To all that read this and might need the same help.
I have found a free program that will do the trick called sharepod.

For transferring computer to ipod, you need to install iTunes and sync your ipod with it.
For transferring ipod to computer, you need a ipod to computer transfer software to help you do that.

thanks Treacy