iPod mini and firewire

A friend of mine’s daughter recentley bought an iPod mini. However the computer she has currently has Win98SE. For whatever reason, I can not get Windows 2000 or XP to install (SiS 900 chipset, socket 370 mobo). So we’re left with using firewire to connect to the mini iPod. I don’t have access to the iPod mini, and the more I read, the more confused I become about the cable needed to sync to the iPod mini.
If I get this cable:

can I directly connect the firewire cable to the PC and the other end to the iPod mini… or do I need some docking station in addition to the cable? I’m assuming by dock connector they are referring to is the connection on the bottom of the iPod mini. Also, from the cable description, it sounds like the firewire cable is just for charging, but once again I assume it is used to sync with too.
I realize we’ll have to use Winamp or some other software besides iTunes to transfer music, which is OK.