iPod keeps its sales by luck & design, but may start changing

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 While the  Apple iPod has been the market leader when it comes to both flash and HDD based  players, it is mainly a combination of "default status", its design  and luck that is keeping its...
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Well, it may partially have to do with what the article says. But, as far as HDD based players, the only real competition these days is iRiver. The iPod has a huge advantage over other brands in terms of the interface. Also, it’s physically smaller than a lot of other HDD players (ie. Creative Zen Xtra). Not to mention, they’re also less expensive than the iRiver’s. One other advantage is the warranty, with the iPod, you walk into an Apple store, and they give you a refurbished replacement on the spot.

The IPOD still lacks lots of features, like others they have a radio, Voice recorder, realtime playlist creation etc From what i see is a design outdated to me

I finally purchased a mini iPod just yesterday. I agree with BeefJerky that the iPod [and iTunes] interface is great.

simple a fool and his / her money are soon parted my feelings are the ipod iriver ect ect r great but toooooo many $$$$$$$$$$$$$ when they come down to a reasonable price i might even become a fool myself untill then my hifi will do

I’ve got an ipod mini 4GB and it’s a nice, it’s the perfect size, its like the Tivo it’s got a solid interface but it’s not the only game in town but once you use an ipod/tivo you look at everything else as generic. Also if you have a head unit in your car that supports the ipod (I’ve got an Alpine that does) the ipod is a cheap HD to add to your car stereo. (this is far from perfect but kind of cool) there are 2-3 high end 2005+ alpines that have much better ipod support but I have yet to see one. I’d love to see the ipod with 802.11x sync with remote wakeup / sleep. so you don’t even have to remember to connect it to your computer. Just make changes in itunes and it could wake up and sync then sleep the ipod where ever it might be. Paying for compressed DRM music is stupid BTW.

I would pick an iAudio X5 (30GB) over any iPod or iRiver any day.

I still love my 3rd gen 20GB. Best thing Apple have ever done (there computers suck).

I prefer the Creative Zen Micro over the Apple Ipod Mini !

The iPod (4th gen and mini) DO support playlist creation on the iPod itself. I think they may have even added that to the newer 3rd gen firmwares. Just hold for a few seconds over a song/artist/album and it’s added to the playlist.

The iPod does have a nice UI and does have software which makes it easy to transfer files to/from the iPod, but it does not have nearly as many options as the iRiver. iRiver also has a nice developer base working on implementing new features such as on-the-fly playlist, crossfading songs, gameboy. For more information check out http://www.rockbox.org/ (P.S. I have NO idea why ANYONE would want an iPod shuffle, every other flash play has shuffle as well AND they have a screen…)