iPod / iTunes and MATSHITA UJDA760 DVD/CDRW


After installing both iPod and iTunes software my Packard Bell no longer recognises my MATSHITA UJDA760 DVD/CDRW.

When I go to my Device Manager it shows that the MATSHITA UJDA760 DVD/CDRW is there but it’s shows a yellow sign beside the drive. When I checked the drives properties it showed the following message:

“Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)”

I tried updating the driver,then I disabled the drive and then enabled it again. I uninstalled both iPod and iTunes software. Nothing has worked, I’m still being told that the drive is there, driver is up to date but it still cannot find the hardware device along with Code 41.

Has anyone come across the same problem, or does anyone have any idea what I should do to fix this.

Many thanks.


What has this to do with firmware??

Please go to the ms support sites and search for CODE 41 solutions.

[B]yes i hav the same problem

i have tried downlaoding an updated driver for my CD drive which has not worled

i have a packard bell laptop

and i use i-tunes all the time

is ther anything that u hav found since posting this message?


Don’t go to Panasonics support site, you have an Packard Bell drive which is only OEM by Panasonic.
Support has to come from PB!

i looked on the packard bell website … i hav also taken out the CD drive to check the driver to the actual CD drive … the software is working well but the location is “unknown” and says “0” … i had it checked over by this guy i know thats a wizz with computers an he thinks the motherboard may be broken but wen i plug in a usb drive he same happens … so it cant be the motherboard … thank you

I am having exactly the same problem and I found this advice on another forum:

I had exactly the same problem. After iTunes installation I could not see my CD drive and systme restore did not work. I fixed this by entering safe mode and doing the system restore from there. Press F8 as your system is booting up. Select SAFE MODE from the DOS menu. As soon as windows starts up in safe mode a dialogue box pops up. Choosing No will take you directly to system restore. Go back to before installing itunes. Hope this helps.

I am going to try it now and I ll let you know if it works

Wish me good luck!

Go to start > run > regedit
and browse to the key:
delete the upper filter and lower filter values.

Reboot the computer and you will have your dvd drive working fine :slight_smile:

Good luck

MUCh RESPECT!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
I was trying to do something, but it want work.
Thnx for help! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you KS_Camach, I have updated iTunes many times but this was the first time it messed with my DVD/CDRW. Thanks for such a quick fix. S. P.

i am having the same problem, but am not very savvy. what are the upper and lower filter values? thx in advance.

ITunes uses the Gear Class upper filter driver. I have not found a conflict with any of my DVDRw drives but I do not own a Matshita.

There’s a guided help on this Microsoft support page which you can download to help you through the process, if you’re unsure about editing the registry (the link is also in my sig).

Welcome to the forum, BTW :slight_smile: