iPod & generic (.avi) problems

Hi Everyone,

Besides the “smudging” problem with the iPod .mp4 rips reported earlier, I’ve just discovered that my “generic profile” .avi rips have major A/V sync issues. Earlier I had said that there were no problems with the generic profile but this is not the case.

See previous post re iPod problem: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f163/ipod-conversion-problems-colors-smearing-279457/

I suppose that I was looking for visual defects and neglected to check the audio side, but at any rate the audio sync is WAY OFF.

I’ve never thought that the A/V synch with any of my rips was ever “dead on”, but it was never too far off. However with my latest generic rip, the synchronization was starting to approach that of my favorite Kung-Fu movies. (Lips kept on moving way after the fact!)

I was able to successfully convert under both the iPod and generic profiles by reinstalling and using DVDFab 5 Platinum (Mobile Option).

For now, I’ll keep using the previous release of DVDFab for mobile conversions, but maybe this information will help Fengtao and the crew solve any issues with the current release.

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?




[INDENT]See previous post re iPod problem: [

[B]I suppose that I was looking for visual defects and neglected to check the audio side, but at any rate the audio sync is [U]WAY OFF[/U]. [/B]

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?



I’m not able to reproduce your problem(s) with
I haven’t been doing many conversions lately, but I too, usually use an iPod .mp4 profile.
I just did 2 chapters of Knowing and had no problems at all.
I used both an iPod .mp4 profile as well as a “generic”.avi.h264.mp3 profile
(not sure what generic profile you used).

Anyway, I had no A/V sync issues and no smudging reported in your previous thread.
I played the files with VLC and WMP.

You “fixed” the problem exactly as I would have…simply use a more stable version for your conversions…helluva fix, eh?

Just yesterday, I was trying to rip some of the old Twilight Zone episodes. One of my discs just wouldn’t rip…tried PP enabled/disabled, etc., etc.
I finally was fed up and opened…my favorite (and best) of my archived versions, dating back to Fab2.
You guessed it…ripped no problem and with PP enabled…Go figure…:rolleyes:

Hey maineman, thanks for your reply, you are da’ man! :slight_smile:

It’s strange though that only some people are experiencing the same problem some of the time, and not all of the time! :eek:

If it aint broke, keep foolin’ around with it! (Right?)

Even on a good day, I’ve never been impressed with DVDFab’s A/V syncronization. (Am I maybe doing something wrong?)

Does anyone have any general guidelines or tips on how to achieve the be best audio to video sync irrespective of format or profile? [/I][/B]

I have not seen A/V sync problems either in quite some time. I use h264+aac profiles and never multitask while making conversions. I have only done one conversion with v6.0.3.0b to test the color smearing thing with the iPod MPEG-4 profile, but even that one had perfect audio sync. I tested the playback with VLC. Sync issues are sometimes related to playback device. I know that Ting pulls his hair out working on sync problems that users report, so it is not something that gets ignored.


I have fixed the problem of video “smudging”, which will be add into next beta version.

about the sync problem, what is the detail information about the sync problem, In actually, I have not do any big modify for th sync logic, current logic still have some problem, but for the most disc is ok. I need more information about the problem, so in the future I can improve it to let it get better.


Hi Ting,

Thanks for your reply and for being so responsive to the user’s problem!

In not sure what information you’re looking for but I hope this helps:

[B]DVDFab[/B] / DVD to Mobile / Generic Profile / .avi output / xdiv + divx

Sync problem: sound is delayed

With [B]DVDFab 5[/B]: no sync issues, or only a very small amount.

Thanks again Ting, if you need more info let me know!