Ipod Froze, Flashing apple icon



I have a 5th Generation 80GB Classic ipod.
I went to turn on the ipod and nothing happened. I tried the reset method by sliding the hold switch ON, then OFF, and pressed both the top area of the MENU button and the middle of the SELECT button, at the same time, but with two different fingers.

All I’m getting now is the black screen with the Apple logo appearing for about six seconds, then off for about 6-8 seconds, and ON, over and over again and so far it has been doing this for about fifteen minutes now.

I called APPLE, and they told me to install iTunes, and plug in the ipod, and hit the RESTORE Option, but for some reason, the newly downloaded QUICKTIME and new itunes I just downloaded from Apple does not open up the itunes when I double –click on it either from the desktop, or the Start>Programs>itunes folder.

The reason for all this was that I was clearing off one computer’s hard drive to another new computer before I wipe the Hard drive. I deleted all my mp3’s and the itunes program from the old computer and put the mp3 music files onto the new hard drive. I downloaded the new Quick time and itunes programs separately to my desktop.
I was told from Apple that my ipod warranty has expired by about 85 days.

I have run all the Apple updates and it tells me I am up to date. Thanks for any help.

Winamp lists the playlists in a numerical pattern,whereas Ipod/itunes catagorizes each folder/artist/album/song, which to me works better.


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