iPod fails to impress South Koreans with a 1.8% market share

I just posted the article iPod fails to impress South Koreans with a 1.8% market share.

 Just when  some thought Apple was  not doing so well in Japan with the iPod only reaching a 36% market share,  apparently the iPod is struggling to sell at all in South Korea with just a mere ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10716-iPod-fails-to-impress-South-Koreans-with-a-1_8-market-share.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10716-iPod-fails-to-impress-South-Koreans-with-a-1_8-market-share.html)

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i have been in seoul, korea few times for business & it appears that most korean kids had either very small flash based players or mp3 player built-in phones. ipod’s size is the problem for them imho & shuffle might be too plain as i saw their phones & players had very bright color led backlights & they were flashing those stuffs at night

Looks like the Koreans are the smart ones. They opted for more real value in terms of feature set for money spent instead of trendy, overpriced dreck from a company that has traditionally counted on elitism to maintain its market share. I’m glad to see that someone has smarts in ConsumerLand.

I don’t think they are smart, they just know what they need actually;) choosing a product suit their needs doesn’t need to be “smart” anyway…:stuck_out_tongue:

I would say this is cultural differences. I quite agree with Shimman as Koreans are looking for the colourful and stylish products, which cost less. The local products in Korea is pretty advanced in a way and it is appealing. By the way, Creative labs have long been popular products since very beginning (1996, if I remember correctly).

uglyduck, iPod’s are poor sellers in countries where there are better alternatives that offer more features than iPod’s. The iPod shuffle for instance has no screen and is grossly overpriced for what you get. Cheap 1GB flash MP3 players with loads more features can be had for a lot less than an iPod shuffle. On the topic of Creative Labs, they first started shipping sound cards back in the DOS days (around 1989). Their first sound cards were mono - later upgraded to stereo. Pretty much the defacto sound cards at the time.