iPod conversion problems: colors & smearing

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for some help with my DVD to Mobile iPod conversions to the .mp4 file format.

The last time I used the iPod profile (March 09) everything went great, now all of the rips contain some kind of intermittent display problems: strange “psychedelic” color renderings, and image “smearing”. (I was hoping that it was just the usual case of Lucie in the Sky with Diamonds flashbacks - but unfortunatly others were seeing exactly what I was. :smiley: )

I wasn’t sure about deinterlacing (on / off), so tried both but either way produced the same weird results. (What is the “correct” setting for deinterlacing anyway?)

I thought that it had to be the iPod - it couldn’t be “The Fab”! - but low and behold the problems can be seen on a regular PC player, see the screen captures below. NOTE: I’m not having any problems whatsoever with my Cowon D2+ conversions which are generated under the “generic profile” / .avi output.

Any suggestions on how to get the .mp4 conversions for the iPod Nano 4th Gerneration back on track?

IMAGES: iPod DVDFab settings (w/deinterlacing) + (3) screen captures

Having exactly the same problem.
Reverted to version which is the last edition that does not cause this problem.
Fandango any idea whats wrong please ?