iPod Classic wont update OR restore

Well, I’ve had my iPod Classic (80 gb) for about a year now. For a few months it’s been trying to update but I haven’t been able to because it keeps having an error while downloading it. So I just haven’t been updating it since It wont let me. The other day my iPod kept skipping songs and doing crazy stuff so I plugged it in and it said the iPod was corrupt and I needed to restore it. So I tried that and it said update and restore. I keep trying to update it but it still won’t update, therefor it wont restore. And thats the only option I have. Any suggestions or help? :a

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Unfortunately, to me it seems like the hard disk is failing (getting bad sectors) in the iPod.

One thing worth a try is running a surface scan in HDTune on the iPod (HDTune free edition is fine, link). In HD Tune, go into the “Error Scan” tab and click ‘Start’. If there are any red dots after the scan completes, this means the hard disk needs to be replaced.