iPod Classic 160GB - problem with display screen?

I have just purchased an iPod Classic 160GB and I am delighted with it. Only thing is, when it is in the dock of my Jamo system, the display screen does not function. When a playlist has finished playing, I have to press “Menu” in order to bring the screen to life again. This was not the case with my previous iPod (60GB) - the display was on all the time. Can anyone tell me what to do to rectify this glitch?

Welcome to MyCE! :flower:

Check your settings under Main Menu > Settings > Backlight.

And do some browsing here:


Thank you so much. :bow: It was me being dumb. :doh: I did check my settings for both backlight and brightness. Upped them both. Problem solved!! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and don’t worry about it. :wink: