Ipod and appletv profiles broken since 3.2.x.x updates

I’m extremely disappointed in the rewrite, since it’s completely broken the ipod and appletv functionality under Vista. I’ve had to go back to to get a working product.

2-pass doesn’t work at all (produces only a zero-byte file although apparently all the computation is still happening) and 1-pass has a/v sync issues.

And can someone explain to me why only the low-resolution ipod profiles have a 1.76 aspect ratio while appletv supports 1.76 at 848x480, 816x464, 768x432, 736x416, 704x400, and 592x336–all reasonable for DVDs that letterbox a 2.35 anamorphic into a 1.76 widescreen so that you don’t get vertical bars added to what’s already letterboxed? The best you can get on the ipod profile is 368x208 which I can’t use for both devices. We really need an ipod profile for 1.76 that’s 640x364 which downscales nicely and has enough pixels to look good on an appletv. Even adding any of the appletv 1.76 resolutions listed above as valid ipod resolutions would help.

Here is a modified iPod MPEG-4 profile with the screen sizes you wanted. I have not tested this, as I don’t have an iPod. Download the file and rename it, changing the “TXT” file suffix to “XML”, then save it to the profiles folder.

ipod.mpeg4.txt (987 Bytes)