Iphone xfer & subtitles problem

I recently converted two DVDs to ipod(iphone) and got a different subtitle behavior from similar setups. The movies were Rendition & Michael Clayton. I just selected the Ipod profile and then checked “display only forced subpicture” in the subpicture menu. For Rendition none of the translation subtitles came through. For Michael Clayton I got all of the director comentary subtitles during the whole movie. Is there a single set of settings that should work successfully if only doing ipod transfers or does every movie require custom configuration?

btw- I think the DVDfab product is great and the one-step transfer process is super convienent, I’d just like to figure out how to get it right the first time everytime :slight_smile:

There are too many ways to author a DVD with subtitles for the same conversion options to work correctly every time, especially on discs with “translation” subtitles. Some, like Dances with Wolves, have a separate subpicture stream for the translation, so the “Forced Only” checkbox is ineffective. In others, like DaVinci Code, the French and Latin translations are part of the English subpicture stream and the checkbox for Forced Only works perfectly. And these are only two of the most common methods you’ll find. The best answer I guess is to experiment using short conversions (1 or 2 chapters) that have both regular subtitles and translations and see which settings produce the correct results. You can download jeanl’s free and excellent DVDSubEdit for exploring and modifying the subs in all DVDs. Works faster if you rip the disc to a HDD folder first.