iPhone Resolutions

Can someone clarify for me which is the best resolution to use when converting for an iPhone. I have searched and there seems to be no easy answer. I know that the native format effects the output, and that nothing will fit the phone perfectly. Still I am wondering what is the best size to use. I am not really concerned with file size, but what is most important to me is to not distort the picture. I dont mind watching zoomed, or with bars. It is unclear to me if dvdfab will “shrink” or “squash” the movie if the wrong format is chosen. Can someone shed some light on this.

DVDFab won’t shrink or squash. It will give you control over whether you get black bars at the top and bottom or lose a little content on the sides and have no bars (or something in between). If you choose anything much larger than the native screen size of the device you are encoding (and storing) information for lots of pixels you will never see.

Thats what I dont understand. The iphone supports resolutions greater than its actual physical resolution, so it does its own scaling I assume. I dont understand what resolutions dvdfab offers as options, and why. Are they related to the source? Which one makes sense for a 1.3, 1.77, 2.35 ratio source and what effect does each have on the image you see on the phone? I understand that there are many choices here, but Im just looking for some rule of thumb like “choose the one with the largest vertical resolution that does not exceed 480” or something similar as a guide. Any suggestions?

DVDFab offers an almost infinite number of choices via the Advanced Resolution Settings screen. See the attachment. The yellow box represents the 480x320 iPhone screen. As you move the Resize slider you can immediately see the choices of black bar vs. side image loss. This was done with cropping set to automatic with Pirates of the Caribbean 3. As to the “squashing” effect that two of you have now reported with this device, I can only speculate that it is either iTunes or the firmware in the device causing the problem. What DVDFab encodes is what you see in the Advanced Resolution window, and I have never seen the effect you describe. It sounds like something in the chain is treating the picture as if it were anamorphic when it is not. Try playing the files that look squashed with VLC Media Player and see how they look.

Thanks! To clarify…I have not had the squashing, I just wanted to make sure I didnt choose a resolution that might do that.

[quote=Dollagreen;2078887]Thanks! To clarify…I have not had the squashing, I just wanted to make sure I didnt choose a resolution that might do that.[/quote]None of them should, but another user reported it in another thread. Hope this works for you.