iPhone may diss Google, default to Bing

I just posted the article iPhone may diss Google, default to Bing.

In an attempt to break the iPhone free of Google’s influence, Apple may slap the search giant in the face by teaming up with its old rival, Microsoft.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/iphone-may-diss-google-default-to-bing-25127/](http://www.myce.com/news/iphone-may-diss-google-default-to-bing-25127/)

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I tried using Bing, but it just didn’t give me the most relevant results like Google does. Back to Google I went!

Bing does seem to attract more market share these days… must be doing something right.

Oh Please,
Diss ! what does it represent? I can guess but it is only a guess
Why not use English that everyone can understand and consult a dictionary if they don’t rather than try to emulate people that lack the education you have clearly had

diss is a very common term in the US. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=diss

OK,Thanks,I thought it was just used in movies:-))

Lack of education? My exorbitant monthly student loan bill would beg to differ.

tried bing few times, and definite didnt like bing(and some sites force u to use bing, ugh); back to google. now ms reads ths and o no, tries to add more junk, which was why i didnt like it

[QUOTE=JaredNewman;2488196]Lack of education? My exorbitant monthly student loan bill would beg to differ.[/QUOTE]

Why do well educated people imitate screen characters who use truncated words,reminds me of lemmings and sheep.
Diss what?
Diss means dat I don’t know nothing or diss is de guy wot done it
or disestablishment ?
Language is a precision tool,by truncating words you are losing effective and accurate communication.
A growing number of children are leaving school unable to communicate effectively and get jobs because they are unable write or spell.
Using slang will not engender them to the generation that hire and fire staff leaving them with a bleak outlook.