iPhone/iTouch 4:3 and 16:9 settings has a new profile for the iPhone/iTouch.

Which resolution do you use when converting video for the iPhone/iTouch?

I was using 640x480 for 4:3
I was using 640x352 for 16:9


Hi magic randy. Unless you plan to watch the videos on a TV, there is no real advantage (and the disadvantage of larger file sizes) to choosing one that is larger than the native resolution of the screen on the mobile device. Not sure, but I doubt the iTouch has a screen that large. Check the specs, use the native size. I do all mine at 480x270, which is the native resolution of the Archos 504 and they look great.

Hi signals,

Do you use the same resolution for 4:3 and 16:9?

Sorry, I should have made this clear. I use 480x360 for 4:3 and I use a high (usually >2000kb/s) bitrate. This produces an image with small black bars only on the left and right on the Archos 16:9 screen. I have recently started using H.264 for some conversions and it takes a little longer to process but really looks great. Not sure if the iTouch/Phone supports this or not.

Hi signals,

I guess I’m a little confused on the science of this. My goal is to have high quality video for the iPhone. I do not care much on how big the files are. I also don’t plan on playing the files on the PC or TV.

Also, I do not want the picture distorted (e.g. I do not want to stretch a 4:3 to fill the screen - stripes are better).

If I understand it correctly, simple math tells you the aspect ratio. 4:3 has an aspect ratio of 1.33. 16:9 has an aspect ratio of 1.7.

The spec of the iPhone says the screen is 480x320 (aspect ratio of 1.5) at 163ppi. It also supports video up to 640x480 (aspect ratio of 1.33). My understanding is that the higher resolution (640x480) gives no additional benefit on the iPhone. It’s just capable of playing back these higher resolutions.

If I understand this all correctly, it tells me that the iPhone is not designed to give a perfect fit for anything (e.g. 4:3 or 16:9).

I’m also assuming that DVDFab does not distort the output to try to fill a screen size. This may be a wrong assumption.

If I’m understanding all of this correctly, I should use the iPhone or iTouch profile set to 480x320 (1.5 aspect ratio) for both 4:3 and 16:9 videos. On the 4:3 I will get striped on the sides. On the 16:9 I will stripes on the top & bottom.

Sorry, but I find this confusing. Any guidance is appreciated.


aspect ratios is a subtle business. IF you examine standard dvds with 4x3 and 16x9 movies on them you’ll see that the videos in both cases are 720x480 pixels. There is other information in the fiels whihc says what aspect ratio should be used. Fab displays this aspect ratio when it analyses a disc, and powerdvd uses it to give you the option of view in using the original aspect ratio or perfroming various stretches. But most standalones consumer devices just stretch everything and then you have to use other controls e.g. on your TV to cycle through wide- smart, 14x9, 4x3 etc util you find one that looks right.
most consumer devices have built in scaling routines, PC video cards have them also.
to add to the confusion, some widescren videos have the top & bottom black bars coded inside of the video files i.e. the top & bottom lines of pixels are coloured all black, you can only lose them via pan & scan processing in your playback device.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll do some testing to see how I get the best results.

I guys,

My question also relates to the IPhone but unlike our friend here, I wish to remove as much as possible the bars whilst looking at film, even if the quality suffers a bit.

a. What specs should I have
b. How do I do this with DVD FAB as I can’t seem to be able to find the way to increase the size to fit the screen. i just copy Ipod, but I get quite large bands.