iPhone idiot-proofing available

I just posted the article iPhone idiot-proofing available.

An electronics insurance company has begun offering coverage for Apple’s iPhone, including damages caused by accident.

Safeware began insuring iPhones last week, PC World reports. Damages…

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Definitely not worth it for that price.

crazy, just crazy !

Yeah, but if you’re an idiot, would you have the sense to buy any “idiot-proofing” insurance?

Make it idiot proof, and the world will just evolve a more advanced model of idiot.

My mom dropped her original iPhone in the sink and the Apple store sold her a refurbished one for around $200. Are they doing that for the 3GS?

Well that’s great and all, but people just keeping buying the latest model anyway, so I doubt that they would want to keep buying insurance for their NEWEST iPhone; I’m guessing the insurance doesn’t carry over to new phone models…?