Iphone aspect ratios

I have an iPhone 3g (NOT the new 3gs)

I also use DVDFab

And I am not very technical so would prefer help in an easy to understand way

Ok, I want to put dvds onto my Iphone to watch at any given time

Now I would like to know the following:

  1. the pixel measurements for 16:9 (widescreen) that gives best resolution

  2. and pixel measurements for 4:3 (old skool) that gives best resolution

  3. also could you get pixel measurements should I want the black horizontal bars removed from the 16:9 screen

  4. are the measurements the same as the latest iPod classic (120gb) that being:
    16:9 = 640 X 352
    = 640 X 332
    = 640 X 342
    = 640 X 362

4:3 = 640 X 480
= 320 X 240
= 320 X 230

im not bothered about size (though no bigger than 2gb would be great) and what would the best bitrate be, that being 1.5mbps or 2 etc etc

Please don’t crosspost matty69er2k6. Your other thread on this subject has a response, so I am closing this one.