iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7 very sensitive to falling

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Both Apple’s and Samsung’s high-end smartphones are very sensitive to falling, according to tests of insurance company SquareTrade which tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 7.

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Hmmm… I just watched a Youtube video yesterday of someone dropping an iPhone 7 & 7+ multiple times from 7-8 feet and both survived fine with just a few scuffs and scrapes.


iPhones are traditionally rock solid. They pass the tests every year with flying colors, always beating samsung in build quality and drop tests. Â All my iPhones have survived significant and multiple drops. This may be something new with 7, but Apple doesn’t “have much to learn” as implied. Build quality and robustness have always been strengths with their devices. They need to figure out what went wrong if its a real issue and not isolated or whatever.

My son beats his iphone to a pulp when he is skateboarding, and nothing ever happened to it, not even a broken screen.

I have a Note 7 and with all that glass exposed anyone not using a good case is dancing with the devil regarding damage from a drop.