iPhone 3GS is top rated smartphone

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It may be extremely difficult to rank all of the smartphones available on the market today, but a recent article published by Consumer Reports indicates the popular Apple iPhone 3GS is the No. 1…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16154-iPhone-3GS-is-top-rated-smartphone.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16154-iPhone-3GS-is-top-rated-smartphone.html)

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Still overpriced iCrap.

it’s only over priced if you aren’t willing to pay for it and since Razma pre bias against iphones it would always be overpriced. I have never owned any apple product until now and this phone is the best phone I’ve ever owned.

And from reading the news everywhere it is literally the hottest itiem out right now :stuck_out_tongue:

it is that, but i’m hoping that the 3g verson is going to go down in price now! i quite fancy one!:bigsmile:

I ordered one, lucky me :slight_smile: It’s free with a € 50 euro monthly subscription (including 500 minutes and UNLIMITED internet access :D), so not that expensive if you ask me.

Yup, planning on getting mine once my current contract expires in September…ugh, can’t come soon enough…

Yes! It’s the Obama of smartphones! It’s :flower: Apple :flower: It can’t be bad!

And it will keep you warm during cold winter nights :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind getting one but they make you get a data plan with the phone. In the long run, you end up paying $2000 probably for the phone over the course of a year.

Just like to add, that all of these smart phones, you have to get a data plan so it is not just limited to the iPhone.

True. But $2000 seems a bit to high if you ask me. But maybe in your country :slight_smile:

At $1.40 per Euro, that’s $840 per year, plus the cost of the phone, which you say is free. Plus you say you get 500 minutes of voice for free. So you are getting a good deal. A couple of weeks ago I read that T-Mobile in Germany was selling the iphone 3GS for one Euro if you signed a 2-year contract for €120 a month, and in the UK, O2 was giving it away if you signed a contract for 73.41 pounds a month.
Here in the US, it would be about $300.00 for the phone and about $700 for a data plan plus about $600 for voice (More for more minutes). So about $1600 or more. If you add taxes onto $1600 it’s probably about another $200. I don’t think his estimate is all that high.

Not sure about T-Mobile Germany but here in Austria the offer is quiet interesting. You can get the 3GS 16GB for €49 when signing a 2 year contract which is € 49 a month, it includes 2000 minutes voice (everywhere), 1000 minutes voice (T-Mobile), 1000 SMS and 3 gigs of Data (internet). A very interesting offer imho.
The 32GB version for €169 and the 8GB for €1, all same contract

Its not the phone , its the data plan.
The phone is a great deal at $199/$299 for 16/32 GB.
The data rates are the huge rip off ! They are either cheap for not enough data, or too expensive for way more data than most users could ever use. There’s no consumer-friendly middle ground. These plans are just a cash cow for the providers. Freakin @sshole providers.

In the Netherlands we get unlimited data + 500 minutes, for only € 50 euro a month or so ! Guess we’re lucky :slight_smile: They really want to promote mobile Internet here, so that is why they probably have flat fee Internet.

50 Euro is about $70 US so just about the same as in US.

My beef with the cell phone companies is I should be able to choose any plan I like when I buy a phone. They do not allow you to buy the iPhone right out. I have asked and they don’t allow it. They want to lock you into a 2 yr contract and an expensive data. You are nothing but a cash cow for them and people just let them do it because they think it is “cool” just having the phone. :rolleyes:

The data plan is a killer. Soon, all the phone providers are only going to offer smartphones.