iPhone 3GS facing overheating problems

I just posted the article iPhone 3GS facing overheating problems.

Even though it has received rave reviews since its launch a few Fridays ago, there are now numerous reports of overheating issues with the new Apple iPhone 3GS smartphone.

iPhone 3GS owners are…

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w8 a minit…i almost got this msg don…ow!..ahh!..ow ow ow!!!

This totally makes sense, since Apple products tend to be very hot :bigsmile:

They don’t call it iCrap for nothing.

Just stick to windows mobile phone or if you want something new and shiny try the palm pre. My friend has one and can’t stop raving about it. I’ve been a WinMo guy for too many years to switch.

sony batteries prehaps?:doh:

My Iphone 3G is fine with firmware 3.0.

I don’t get it … they fix up the camera to 3 megapixel (which is still crap by most standards) and add a program (which is available for iphone 3G) to record video, and it’s a big thing?

And now they claim it’s (upto) 2x faster, with longer lasting battery life … so you have more opportunity for your iphone to overheat & burst into flame.

What’s the big deal?

Apple’s real slogan … a dollar spent on marketting is better than $1 spent on R&D :wink:

Looks like Apple is the new Sony!!

I am a MAC person, and I NEED a new phone. Mine is an OLD NOKIA and the internet MMODE is dead now. I want a good phone, that gets the internet, but NOT SO EXPENSIVE to buy the signal. I don’t mind paying for a good phone, but not the upkeep. NOW to make matters worse, the phone is melting?? HEAT? Or is it RADIATION melting your ears and brain too??? I am very scared to buy a new phone!!!

$85 per month is NUTS, and maybe a brain tumor too???


I have to admit, that the two phones i have been looking at have been the iphone, and the sony aino! this has put me off the iphone ‘s’, but hasn’t put me off the 3g!

the aino has got me on the remote play for my ps3, but have found that the software in general for sony ericsson’s are kind of boring and was the reason i went for the N95 8GB!

the N96 had caught my attention until i noticed the tv tuner only works in france,germany etc, not UK, the N97’s slide out keyboard put me off of that! if i wanted a keyboard, i would be as well taking my laptop everywhere plus even though there is a keyboard with this phone, the N95 8GB has put me off of nokias due to poor battery life!:frowning:

oh, the camera on the iphone is not an issue, because if i wanted to take quality photo’s then i would take out my lumix/nikon DSLR!:bigsmile:

yeh i wouldent buy a iphone, the copys of them probly dont ova heat.