iPhone 3GS facing overheating problems

Wrote about this today, but figured it’d make for an interesting discussion here in the forums.

Even though it has received rave reviews since its launch a few Fridays ago, there are now numerous reports of overheating issues with the new Apple iPhone 3GS smartphone.

iPhone 3GS owners are unsure of what is to blame for overheating, but some people are blaming GPS while others say gaming or listening to music is to blame. It seems some type of resource-intensive application would make sense, and iPhone 3GS users on Twitter are reminding one another to try and pay attention to when the phone begins to overheat.

Several French news sites have posted images of reported iPhone 3GS units that suffer from discoloring and overheating issues.
Full article available here.

So, if you’re an iPhone 3GS owner… have you had any overheating issues?

great info…i was going to put my name in the hat for one …there is a 7 day wait here to get them in …