iPhone 3g aspect ratios

I have an iPhone 3g (NOT the new 3gs)

I also use DVDFab

And I am not very technical so would prefer help in an easy to understand way

Ok, I want to put dvds onto my Iphone to watch at any given time

Now I would like to know the following:

  1. the pixel measurements for 16:9 (widescreen) that gives best resolution

  2. and pixel measurements for 4:3 (old skool) that gives best resolution

  3. also could you get pixel measurements should I want the black horizontal bars removed from the 16:9 screen

  4. are the measurements the same as the latest iPod classic (120gb) that being:
    16:9 = 640 X 352
    = 640 X 332
    = 640 X 342
    = 640 X 362

4:3 = 640 X 480
= 320 X 240
= 320 X 230


please note Im not too bothered about file size (thought wouldnt like to exceed 2gb in size) and I am not putting this on any other device and pelase number 5) tell me hat bitrate i should ie 1.5mbps or 2 etc

The highest resolution available for each aspect ratio will give the overall best quality. Note though that the iPod touch and iPhone currently have a limit when decoding of 640 x 480 [though I have some 16:9 material encoded as 853 x 480, but I’m thinking that’s the ceiling]. However, when playing back only on the iPod Touch/iPhone, the screen can only show 480x320. As a result, the 640x480 [for 4:3] and 640x362 [closest to 16:9 aspect ratio] will be the best for quality, though potentially overkill.

As for bitrate…Most of my material is between 1000 and 2500 kbps, either plain MPEG4 or h.264, but I don’t notice a real difference in quality after I go past 1.5 mbps unless the video has a lot of action and really requires the higher bitrate.

And if you are playing content encoded with a 16:9 resolution, you can have the iPhone zoom in on the video to fit to screen so there are no black bars on the top and bottom, though [understandably] you will lose some of the side of your video.