IP4500 Refills or OEM compatible carts?



Hello…been ages since I was on here discussing DVD printing, etc.

For those who don’t remember, I bought a couple new IP4500s from Canada that came with all the tray goodies. I finally needed to replace two of the ink cartridges which I “stole” from the second printer. I read through the old topics about refilling the carts, chipping, etc. etc.

I don’t print a lot (obviously) so I don’t want a continuous system but would like a place to buy quality compatible carts from OR a place to get a refill kit from. I know CDan and others use the same printer and are very experienced with how to refill, etc.

What would you suggest I buy to save money on ink? I am comfortable with refilling the carts, rechipping. or whatever is the best, most cost effective way to proceed.

I had lots of problems with my old Epson printer and now my Epson 1280 is causing me problems with feeding paper properly which is a new type of problem for me…anyway, don’t want to take my own topic off topic so please let me know about the best option for IP4500 ink.



I’m currently using compatibles with chips from LD, haven’t had any problems with them. I use them in my IP3500 though, not the IP4500. I don’t use the 4500 enough to warrant using compatibles, and want it to last as long as possible. (even though I have 2 more NIB standing by :wink: )
I use the IP3500 only for daily throw-away stuff and documents.

Current cost on the LD compatibles is about $6. Also 20% off sale with free shipping for the next few days. http://www.ldproducts.com/


Refill your OEM carts. I do, it works great.