Ip4500 Canon - is it worth using?



I purchased 2 brand new Canon ip4500 printers when they were on sale, thinking I might use them. I have been using Lightscribe for years and never really got around to using the Canon ip4500 printers (still in box). I was thinking about breaking them out and using them considering DVD seem to be on the way out, but I had heard that those printers were pretty hot commodities. So, are these ip4500 worth selling? What other Print on Disc options are there?
Thanks in advance.


“New in box” you can sell them for more than you paid. I sold 2 of them last year for around $200 each. YMMV

However, you won’t find a better printer for photos and discs, or cheaper to operate. The tanks are large and cheap.


Wow, thank you for the reply. Did you sell them on here?