Hey, I have a canon IP4300 & im wanting to print ot dvd-r, Ive been out & got soem verbatim printable disks, but, when i try to print on them using cd-label print, the printer just draws the tray in & spits it right out giving me this error message: “the cd-r tray is not inserted or a printable disk is not placed on the cd-r tray”. Ive followed the instructions exactly & also unchecked the “detects printable disk on the cd-r tray” option in the printer maintenance tab & nothing has any effect, if any one can help id really appreciate it

Be sure that you WAIT for the print dialog to ASK for the tray, do not insert the tray till it asks for it.

Also be sure that the tray is selected on the “page setup” tab, “page size” drop-down.

I’m assuming that you do not have a USA version of the IP4300.

Check the packaging for a part to attach to the printer: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=217579