IP4300 Problem

Just got a new IP4300 and it prints fine. Did the mod ok and have it set for EUR. Installed driver from disk and obtained F Tray on eBay. Went to print a DVD and all seemed fine. Disk went in and out and finally finished but nothing printed. Now all I am getting is the Power light blinking green and the Alarm light blinking amber. Both lights alternating ten times and repeating. Unable to get out of it by pulling power cord. Just goes back to blinking. Appreciate any advice.

If you followed these instructions exactly, (the COLOR of the final confirmation printout matters)
then it may be a matter of choosing the correct media in the dialog boxes just prior to printing.

You may be able to get it out of the warning mode by putting it back in Service Mode as per the instructions. Then back out.

Thanks for helping. It appears that the new printers have changed the format. They now show up down the page like this


Same for US and also AUS. This is iP4300 V1.06. Also easy to do the REGEDIT mod. But my problem now appears to be a defective printer. I emailed Canon and they said that if a power disconnect didn’t help to take it to the Service Center. Fortunately one was close by. They verified the problem and ordered a replacement. Still under warranty so no charge. Will have to wait to try again.
Thanks again for replying.

Good Luck and please let us know how it goes.
I’m sure that there are others (including myself) that will benefit from your experience.

I wouldn’t expect a North American Canon Service Center to be sympathetic to someone trying to enable disc printing. I would leave that stone unturned for warranty sake :slight_smile:

The service center only verifies the printer is bad and orders a replacement. They do not repair the $100 printers. Once it comes in they ship the old one back. The only disadvantage is that you get a refurbished printer. Mine came in today and it looks the same but is V1.01 this time. My experience with refurbished printers has been excellent so I’m not too worried.

Set it up as before with the EUR coming up. I already had the driver installed so went ahead and tried a label. This time it worked fine. My only problem is learning how the use the software. Trying CDLabelPrint. I also have Nero but it wants to print Lightscribe as I have a lightscribe burner. Downloaded a couple of labels and they wouldn’t quite fit the form. But the printing was great. Need to figure out how to fill the disk form.

But otherwise happy everything working properly so far.

CDLablePrint is pretty robust. Crop your disc image carefully, then insert it as a background (not as an image). Works great here. About the only drawback to the Canon software is the inability to print past 118mm.

Here is a couple of images of the print out in the iP4300 when you are in Service Mode. The first shows the EUR mode (blue) and the second the USA mode (black).

Thanks for posting those images !
Now we know that v1.01 and v1.04 is OK

Wonder what that firmware story is, anyway?