Ip4300 - how to print cd?

Hi, I bought a canon ip4300, but don’t have the disc that contains the drivers. I downloaded driver from canon + easyphoto + layout print. There’s a tray in the package (Mexico here) so I guess no firmware modification is needed.

I tried to print from nero coverdesign, but haven’t yet managed to print, it complains that printer was open. After a small search saw another post that states I need to wait until printer ask for cd tray to be inserted, I can’t get into that specific part yet!

What are the correct steps to print? I selected

size: cdr-trayf and as

[li]auto sheet feeder
[/li][li]continuous atuofeed
[/li][li]paper allocation
[/li][li]paper feed switch

but it complains the printer is out of paper.

Any help please?

Try using canons cd label print software, if the outer is greater than 118mm then you will have to use nero or another third party software. Don’t forget to set the inner and outer diameter in prefs (file/paper size) measure the disc before you start… In media type you must select printable disc for the system to work.
Hope this helps.
PS welcome to the site.

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The easiest way to get started is to use the Canon-provided app called CDLabelPrint.
It should have come with your software package.
If not, grab it here:

Also be sure that the tray is selected on the 2nd print dialog tab, “page setup” under the “page size” drop-down.

Hi, thanks to everyone. Weedougie, thank you for the welcome.

I downloaded canon’s cd label print and it worked without problems. What I wonder is why I wasn’t able to use the:

“paper source: disc tray” From Nero.

I printed my first dvd and am quite happy with the results, tho can be addictive to have custom dvds now.

Anyway, does someone know why disc tray isn’t listed in other applications?

Thank you.

With Nero, try going into your printer’s Properties first and make the correct selections there, then go to Nero.
You should see something like “Printable Disk” (media) and CD Tray (source)