iP4300, Hobbicolors ink, Matte Photo paper

I really like Canon’s Matte Photo paper. I purchased a couple 50 packs on clearance @ $5 each + tax a while back. I’m almost out. It typically retails for a little less than $20, but I have found some good deals on-line. Are there any other brands you recommend using my Canon iP4300 and Hobbicolors ink? Double-sided paper would be awesome, but I’ll settle for single-sided matte paper. An important side note: I haven’t started using my Hobbicolors ink yet. Based on user reports, I’m sure I’ll love it.

I have found good deals at places like Staples, Office Depot, Costco, Microcenter etc. Many of these deals aren’t advertised and you will need to go to the store to find them. Costco sells the Kirkland brand which has done well for us too. Also, Ilford makes really good photo paper but it is harder to find and can be pricey.

There’s an HP brand 2-sided coated matte paper, I think it’s about 32# weight. I use it here for covers, and it’s pretty good. I find it on sale from time to time. I use the “matte photo paper” setting in the Canon driver. This is the cheapest stuff I’ve seen for premium matte paper.

Best all around photo paper I’ve used is the Office Depot “premium” line of papers. It’s better than any Canon paper I’ve tried, less fading, etc.

Thanks to both of you for your input. My Canon is now ready to be refilled today. As I said in other posts I’ve been very unlucky with aftermarket cartridges, ink and CIS’s. I hope all this is going to change. FYI: I have an Epson R280 and I use OEM cartridges only, now. You couldn’t pay me to switch back to the aftermarket stuff. I have another sealed in the box in case this one dies. I bought two of the Canon iP4300’s. One is sealed and the other will be my guinea pig. Thanks again!

Ilford is supposed to be the best match for Hobbicolors ink. Some Costcos handle Ilford in addition to Kirkland(I think at one point Kirkland was made by Ilford).