Ip4300 CD printing software

New here — please be kind! :slight_smile: I have looked this up in Search, but didn’t find a discussion around this particular topic.

I’ve just printed my first printable CD (Verbatim), and had no problems – everything went as expected. I’ve had the ip4300 for some time now – just never got around to trying to print a printable disc before. I’ve done many CD/DVD labels, matt and glossy, using my own template in my favourite graphics editor.

My question is – is one obliged to use the supplied software (CDLabelPrint) to print on the disc? Or could I use another app (say, my favourite graphics editor) to print the disc? I’m aware that I could produce the artwork with any app, and export it as a JPG into CDLabelPrint – but my favourite graphics editor (Xara) is just so much easier to use.

I see, under “Media Type”, that there are two “printable CD” options, which suggests that it is indeed possible to do with other software.

If it can be done, where on the page should the graphic go? I would expect its bottom left corner should be at 0,0 but I’m not keen on experimenting if someone else already has the right info.

I’d be most grateful! :bow:


People do use PhotoShop, and there are disc templates around for that purpose. Apart from that, label printing programs like SureThing are the other option. If you take the time to get to know the Canon program, you will find that it is pretty robust and can do a wealth of stuff.

Thanks for that, CDan, and for a really quick reply! :slight_smile:

I think I could knock together a template myself, in Xara, if I knew what the X.Y co-ordinates of the bottom left corner of the graphic should be – can you suggest where I might go to look for that?