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I’ve got a problem!!

There’s somebody in the nederlands that constantly is trying to break in to my system!
But luckely I have blackice installed.
Now my question is, is there a program that I can use to get him/her back??
The only thing I have of him/her is the IP adres because it came up on my firewall.

Oh, by the way, is there anybody out there now where I could download the program laplink?

That’s all


i have LL3 verry simpel dos programm.
interested send me a mail



                                    NeoTrace 2.1 



Vinculum, maybe you can help.
I also have BID installed, and keep getting hacked at by several repeat offenders.
I have NeoTrace 2.1, Visroute, and AY Spy.
All 3 give you the domain of the hacker based on their IP, but NONE have ever successfully given me any info about that user. Not one e-mail addy, not one name, nothing. Just “port 80 closed”. Any other way to find out who these hackers are, without hacking back (and loosing my cable modem!)?? Prob not, just checking.



Next time they try to hack you and you got there IP adress,try out this command in dos.
nbtstat -A “IP adress”
You will get the computername an the user name from that IP adress.If you are lucky you might get a name,because a lot of people use there own name as login name or as computername.

P.s Make sure the A is a Capital A and that you have got netbios enabled to your external adapter(your modem)



Thanx for your replys
I’ve got him back, I traced him/her with neotracer and searched for a good nuke program on the net.
When I see that he’s attacking me, I trace him and attack back.
I saw that his connection was terminated, so everytime someone attacks me I simply attack back.

I didn’t know you could see so much of a person by just knowing his IP, you can almost see everything with neotracer.


Some internet providers do so-called ping sweeps every once in a while, to see which connections are still active. So you might be bombing your own internet provider…


I don’t hack back…the whole point is to trace these assholes and report them to their ISP, so they get booted.
I don’t want to loose my cable modem!
I just want their e-mail addresses, so I can send them hate mail.
If no program can trace that, oh well, I just set BlackICE to paranoid!


lol, imagine your bombing your own ISP, geuss your account wont live long


I got a program where you can enter the hackers IP number and the program tracres the hackers e-mail adres. Most of the thimes ( when it’s a stupid hacker and don’t surf anonymouse) the program gives you th e-mail adres. Mail me and i’ll sent you the progy.


and whats the name of that prog? just curious


Hi everybody!

I think i was hacked too, and so i want to know where i can download BlackIce.
Can anybody help?



BlackICE Defender 1.9.25


Thankz man!


Check this link out…
Lots of hacks,nukers,bombers…


Hey…Mr. T

What is the program…and where to get it.


OK, Sowmany people mailed me, for the progy, I’t called Hacker Utilty and I put it on my freedrive Account. I compressed the file and it’s HU.ZIP so download it. I think you don’t gonna find it on the web. If you want more good stuff, upload something usefull for me and i deliver you more good stuff OK ?
Here’s the link: htttp://www.freedrive.com/ASP/PostFolderShortcut.asp?fsc=3839587

PS: My email adress is changed it’s now: mr_t110@hotmail.com




Nice program Mr. T, but you won’t track an e-mail adress down with that!

Most of the time, you have to deal with dynamic Ip-adresses, so the hacker will already have logged on again on his server and have a new IP-adres. The program only shows you the current host, and with that one, you don’t have the e-mail adress…


Hey lastigeBart, that site, can it also be in English / Dutch?

This is quite unreadable by me.

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i guess its spanish or somethin, not sure, unreadable, not even a word of it is english/dutch