IP 4200 sounds when printing DVD

I purchased a Disk Dabber (tray C) for my Canon IP 4200. Set the printer up for CD printing (Five Easy Steps). Everything went great and I’ve printed 6 DVDs so far. My question is about the NOISE during printing. While the discs come out perfect, the printer sounds like it’s stripping gears and the internals are banging against each other during the printing. It’s LOUD and alittle unnerving to say the least. Is it possible that the Disk Dabber is alittle too thick and the carriage is hitting it during the printing? Is there some way I can check what might be going on and causing the noises while printing? I can’t see any marks on the tray. The whole operation (tray in and out, printing, etc) is very smooth. I need some advice before I do anymore printing; don’t want to damage the printer. Any advice would be appreciated.

I can’t complain about the sounds of my iP5200 + original Canon tray. If you want to compare the sound to yours, see this video (at 1:55).
Unfortunately I can’t comment on your Disk Dabber tray because I only know the OEM trays, but perhaps someone else in this forum (or at nifty-stuff or steve’s) can help you. I probably would not use a tray with really loud noises out of fear of damaging my printer.