Iowa Cat Gets Swine Flu; First Reported Case In A Feline

DES MOINES, Iowa — A 13-year-old Iowa cat has been infected with swine flu, veterinary and federal officials said Wednesday, and it is believed to be the first case of the H1N1 virus in a feline.

The domestic shorthaired cat was treated last week at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames and has recovered, officials said. The virus also has been confirmed in two ferrets – one in Oregon and the other in Nebraska – but they died.

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I told the cat to leave the pigs alone but she just had to lay with the pigs and now look what happen.

Better lock up Lin in an airtight room (with oxygen pumped in of course). :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s great that the owner of that cat took care of it and didn’t get paranoid and have it put to sleep.