IoT Hacking Report Confirms Privacy is Dead



Read Bitdefenders introduction offsite here or download the PDF report here

I have written about the internet of things (IoT) in other threads before and how the security and privacy concerns worries me.
A february report from Bitdefender goes a long way in confirming that this is a huge issue.

How about a smart bulb with a vulnerability that allows hackers to intercept credentials to your Wi-Fi network?
The list of issues are long, including switches, audio receivers a.o. and range from vulnerabilities in the protocol used, insufficient authorization and authentication and even total lack of transport encryption or hotspot encryption.

I’m not sure about you, but I will avoid smart devices (IoT) at least until there either are no other alternatives or the security/privacy is brought up to standard whichever comes first. I am not about to open my house or network to hackers if I can at all avoid it.


I agree 100 percent no Smart devices for me


[QUOTE=bean55;2771085]I agree 100 percent no Smart devices for me[/QUOTE]

Yep, imagine a pissed off neighbor having a few drinks and start to blink your light, turn off your refrigerator and TV… and why not turn on your oven.
Heck, easy man, he got the password for your Wi-Fi from your led bulb and now he’s having the time of his life getting back at you :bigsmile:

On a serious note, it scares the shit out of me knowing that most consumers never seem to think in these terms.


In the end you just have to do whatever you can to protect your family, whatever that might be.


The only easy way around this if non-IoT electrical appliances are no longer available, is turn the entire house into a giant Faraday cage. :stuck_out_tongue:


…and the really sad part is that hardly anyone cares. Almost everyone rolled over on command and let it happen. The regret for doing this will come later when the ruling class of government and the super rich finish taking even the smallest of personal freedoms from us. It is all about control and historically who is obsessed with controlling people?


I think IoT should be IDIoT - Incredibly Dangerous Internet of Things, at least the short form seems more expressive and to the point of status quo. :rolleyes: