iOS 9 iCloud Backups Missing Information: Be Very Cautious about iCloud Resore iPhone 6s



It has been a couple of months after the iOS 9 release and iPhone 6s went on sale. The annoying issue that messages, recent calls and even pictures and Apps settings are gone after an iCloud restore iPhone 6s with iOS 9 installed… has flooded the Apple Support Forum. Here is a sad story.

“I have tried to give Apple Support a call to see if there was any other hope. The support person didn’t really have any suggestions and even went as far as telling me that Messages are no longer backed up in iCloud/iOS 9, which honestly baffled me. I referenced Apple’s own support article that says Messages are indeed backed up and included when restoring (when going from iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPad, etc.), as they always have been in the past. He told me that the article is outdated!

After he told me that I knew I was done, I can only go so long without the use of my phone. I’ve already spent my entire Sunday trying to get my replacement phone back to the same state my previous device with no luck. I have to assume this is a 9.0.2 bug, when I restored from my iCloud backup from my to 6 to my first 6S, everything restored like it is supposed to. Apple is no longer signing anything below 9.0.2 so I can’t try 9.0.1 or 9.0. I have no choice but to move on without the messages, once you start using your phone and receiving new messages, any hope of getting the others back is lost.”

What is worse than losing the messages after iCloud restore iPhone 6s is that there is no effective solution from Apple Official Support. They never mentioned the issue publicly and warned of iPhone 6s users to be very cautious about the risk of losing data from an iCloud restore. Is Apple living up to its name of a big and responsible company?

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[QUOTE=Dancy;2763605]Is Apple living up to its name of a big and responsible company?[/QUOTE]

Have they ever?

I am shivering from fear of a privacy breach on behalf of my customers mostly, but from time to time also from proprietary thoughts that enters my mind along with concerns about the unnecessary price growth resulting.