Iomega Zip Cd 4*4*6

Hello All

I am using WIN XP Pro and my burner will
not read any discs at all I keep getting
an error message windows cannot read this disc
The event manager tells me I have a Bad Block
Can anyone help



I’ve done some searching on the Iomega website.
The only cd writer i could found that is 446 is the USB CD (Re)Writer.

The knowledge base of iomega doesn’t say a thing about this problem with Windows XP , though i have found that some writers of that type with a certain model/serial number could not be detected in windows 9x operating systems.

There are various updates available at the Iomega website for the software you got with the bruner , so if not done already it might be a good idea to update the software programs to their latest version.

It doesn’t read ANY cd at all ? You could try an old (but working) audio cd to check if the writer will spin up and try to recognize the drive.

Mostly if cd players or writers don’t recognize any cd it’s a problem witht the lens and laser.
I do NOT recommend trying to clean it , but use your warranty at Iomega for a replacement. In my experience Iomega is quite good at giving replacements for malfunctioned products.

You can drop Iomega a line here .

Thanks a lot for your
reply. Much appreciated
Looks like a warranty job
as it did work one time.

Thanks again