Iomega, who makes them



Could someone please tell me who makes Iomega CD/RW’s before I go and waste my money on a couple. The part # are CDRW55296INT, they are 48x24x48’s and the only reason I’m asking is the price is extremely good otherwise I’d just get another Liteon…



They are usually Lite-ON’s…


I remember seeing some awhile ago that were. But this one has a front more like a Sony, two buttons and a fold down trap door(that kind of thing). Gee, maybe I just answered my own question…


If it is identified with a -b at the end of the name in device manager, then it should be a Lite-ON, but Iomega may very well sell other brands.


Nope, it ends with a -C.
That’s the label on top, I haven’t bought them yet so I can’t tell what it says in device manager but guess it should be the same.


Some Iomega drives were Plextors at one time. See this review:


Yup, the INT-A are Plextors and the INT-B are LiteOns.

Does anyone know what the Iomega CDRW55296INT-B is a clone of? I know its a LiteOn clone but I’m not sure if its the LTR-48246S or LTR-48246K. Does LiteOn only make 2 48x24x48 CD-RW models?

The default firmware version of my Iomega is SOS2, so it looks like the LTR-48246S…