Iomega Super DVD Question

I have just bought an iomega external super dvd burner +R +RW -R -RW

when i instaled it windows recognised it as a hitachi dvd ram drive. at first i thought there was a problem with windows but i used nero info tool and it said it was a DVD ram drive. Does iomega buy hitachi dvd ram drives and rebadge them? and will i be able to burn DVD ram disks with it even though the manual says it is only for + & - not RAM.

Yes, the term “super multi” often means that the drive can burn DVD-RAM. Check your drive’s burning capabilities using Nero InfoTool.

Thanks for the help

I bought a dvd-ram disk and it worked fine!!!

i think its a bit wierd for iomega to advertise it as only + and - capable when it does RAM as well

do they think its bad to have a ram capable drive? for me it is good because i just copy files on and off it without having to click burn

Iomega and Freecom the well known External device experts use third party DVD drives. It is normal, don’t be surprised.

My Freecom External has a Toshiba DVD burner in it. Works fine.