Iomega starts shipping of its latest CD-RW

I just posted the article Iomega starts shipping of its latest CD-RW.

Da_Taxman used our newssubmit to tell us that Iomega comes with a new CD-RW drive. The drive is capable of writing at 16 speed, rewriting at 10 speed, and it read back the data at 40 speed. Iomega…

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Iomega 16x = Plextor 16x

Without the Burn-Proof Technology… The 8x version does have BP, but this one doesn’t, from what I could read in the specs

Better get some glasses :7 If you read the page you submitted yourselfs, you can read in the middle of that page: … 16X10X40X (internal) with BURN-Proof™ technology … BTW. the 8x doesn’t have Burnproof, the 12x does. (Will this reaction get deleted too)

When I read that press release I can read it too, but on the page I actually read ( it was a bit unclear when it comes to the 16x writer (and I was wrong about the 8x, that should have been the 12x) As for deletion of reactions…we only do that if it is in violation, not when we do not agree (of which you can find a great example in the posting about the T-shirts, where your reaction still stands, even though I feel it is a lame response :wink: )

Where is my posting saying YOU should get your facts straight, not me, because by the time you can produce your T-shirts astalavista does deliver to Europe :d

On it is unclear for you? Next to Internal Iomega CD-RW drive #31429, there is a BIG Burn-proof logo. If you can’t see that, you don’t need glasses, but a white stick :wink:

Never seen the post you are referring to (the one that is supposedly deleted) and I responded to one post of yours where you didn’t mention that Europe shipping part (the English reply) before I read you said it in the other (the Dutch reply). (But that still leaves the pricing thing, on which you were wrong)

And as for the logo, with the upper logo there is an asterisk mentioned and can be found at the 12x writer, but not with the 16x writer. For I didn’t see it being mentioned in the accompanying text I wasn’t sure (logo’s get placed incorrectly often)

But apparently I was wrong, that too happens. I am big enough to admit I make mistakes, now stop whining :wink:
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Wether or not I mentioned the Europe shipping part in my first post is not the case. You checked out astalavista (how else do you know the price?) so you could READ on their page (I hope you could) that Europe shipping was been taking cared of in 2 weeks time. I was wrong about the pricing and changed my text or can you still see it stated in there? It’s very clear to a normal person that the logo next to that text on refers to that text. And now YOU stop whining, you Dutchies always think you can have the last word.