Iomega sold for $213 million

I just posted the article Iomega sold for $213 million.

After having champagne at the Iomega booth during last month’s CeBIT we were not expecting Tuesday’s news from data storage provider EMC. The company acquired Iomega for $213 million, which…

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Iomega is still around ? They produced the shoddiest pieces of crap - faulty zip disks, failing Jaz drives and other noteworthy failures.

@BitRate: but do you know anything about their latest devices? Because that REV technology seems to be pretty OK.

Lately they produced faulty NASes :slight_smile: I as owner han ensure you that while on paper they look good and price is good in reality they are total crap , especially due software (firmware) part that limited , buggy and not updated.
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What are NASes Lord Kiron?

@IkbenHenk Im sure he’s referring to (N)etwork (A)ttached (S)torage devices or NAS device for short.