Iomega latest external CD-RW drive

I just posted the article Iomega latest external CD-RW drive.

From the Iomega website the new Predator CD-RW external drive.

You’ll be armed and dangerous with the new Predator CD-RW external drive from Iomega. It gives you cutting edge digital audio and…

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I wonder what kind of people buy this shit

me, so i can burn cd’s in the train … with my laptop.

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of!

I gotta give them credit. I do like the look of this unit. I wouldn’t buy it and I’m more than loving my Plex 12/10/32 but for style it sure looks good. Who the hell wants a usb cdrw though apart from the guy before with the laptop. That’d be the only reason I can think of to get one - laptops.

it’s a nice looking thing, but what does it add to what we have allready?

Well, I teach you Plexlovers a lesson about a small, not quite too familiar but superb drive… (So don’t keep mocking over other drives until you know everything about it…
NO, it is not this new Iomega drive but a normal LOW spec Mitsumi 4804TE.
Reads in RAW DAO
Writes in RAW DAO
Costs half the price of Plextor… and yes… it writes up to 99min on a 90/99 min CDR there where Plextor only writes 89min and several secs…
Now it is true that Plextor rules… (It sure does - sold about 200 drives this month), but there is a tense competition lurking…
So don’t go speaking bullshit on a drive you don’t know…

By the way (HP 8100 SUX !!! - and that’s a fact !!!)

man they give you firewire man that stuff is faster then scsi

not only do hp suck but iomega suck worse…

i bought a zip drive, £100. 6 months later it starts clicking and brakes, i get another on guarantee, after another 6 moths it starts clicking and breaks! no guarantee. not only do the technical support staff patronise me they ask me to buy another!

when i ring my mate who also has a zip drive what am i told… his does the same. same with the itdept at my school! do these things have a timer?

no id never buy another iomega product, partly because i never again want to talk to an incomprehensible irish support technician who doesnt know the differnece between scsi and parallel and partly because the products are way way overpriced compared to their rivals.

my advice, if you want to burn, do it at home with a plextor (though creative labs drives also are cool).

It looks like you dont know Plextor so as you say do not talk shit about somthing you dont know. By the way Mitsumi is a cheap shit and yes I do know the brand for some time, and you be surprised if you open the unit and discover that most of the inside is not even made by them.
Plextor may sell les and its more expensive but the qualitiy is higher. As simple as this I would not trust my data on a Mitsumi and If you gave a CD the same.

To whoever thinks HP drives suck must be smoking crack! Im not saying these drives are the best and of course any recorder below the 9xxx series suck, but I have a 9100 and its burned about 1000 CD’s and still is ticking…

Also this drive is made my Sony… Not to say that SONY is a great manufacturer but they do come out with reliable electronic devices…

So lets not trash talk about drives that do the job and do it well… Trash talk about drives that cant get past the first job…

What does this mean, look “cool” ? Why should any techno piece of junk make somebody look cool ?

Personnally, I’ve always been openly laughing at people at my job having Palm Pilots (the early ones) or Rio MP3 players (the first ones too) because they were just morons trying to impress others with their overpriced gadgets. My favorite pun was to ask them why they had brought their gameboy at the office.

(Now, I know that most of the people do really have an intelligent use for their palm, but not the ones I work with :D)

I think that these iomega products are targetted at the same kind of idiots, that are willing to be the first to buy the next shit vendors will put on shelves. Just to look cool !

Looking is not being.


Iomega rules !

yeah they rules but only for Zip 100/250 and Jazz drives

They’re far to be leaders in burning

I think the Plextor is good but it sell by it name! Mitsumi is theap but it burn good cds!!! So Mitsumi is good and Plextor too but everybody talk only “Plextor is good, Bla bla blaa”!Most burners are good! I know one dude ho burned thousads good cds with him hp 7200! It is old but it burn good cds! Plextor is not only burner what is good! There is much better writers than Plextor!

You know guys, I’ve been around Plextor a LONG time, I’ve had or have EVERY generation of their burner, I’ve only ever used Plextor readers, BUT, you guys are quick to realize that hey, whens the last time Jonny Q Public, was worried about OVERBURNING, let alone RAW writing. To put it plain and simple, the company I currently design for and also buy writable media and burners for, simply uses them back-ups of code and images, now DO they need a plextor drive? NO, there are just as good drives (NOT as good, nor near the quality) BUT never the less, they do their job when asked and they do it well. As far as this Plextor is the best crap, if you know it GREAT, but don’t freaking preach it like your some street corner priest wh0re. Seriously, who wants to hear I have the BEST DRIVE IN THE WORLD AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT, every time we read our news.

Never tried the iomega drive, but i sure know that Plextor works.
I got 3 drives know. I’ve had one Plextor who got tired of living after 11 months.
I called plextor (Belgium).
They send me an RMA number, and my drive got picked up the day after, and a NEW one returned to me after 12 days.
And that’s a service to be proud of.
So for me…it’s always Plextor.

Look at that bullshit on the page … Ohhh i wanna be stylish burning a cdr ??? What kinda fag wrote that ? Iomega should die a horrible death. Jaz, ditto and Zip drives suck my ass …

I dont see how its cost effective to use Zip, Jaz or ditto drives? I mean the hardware is cheap but the media is way to expensive…

Get a burner and for less then a $1 you can burn more data for less than the price of Iomega media… And the best thing about is that your data is portable anywhere without having to lug around hardware and wires…

The only thing I can thinkn of useful is installing windows when you dont have a CDrom on the computer and what are your chances of ever doing that?

My experiences with the 250 ZIP drive which was a gift for Xmas was brutal… I took it back and Im happier now!

I’ve used this product for so many gifts and memoirs. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those active in photography or even scrapbooking.