i bought a iomega super dvd burner (external). nero info tool and windows recognise it as HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B. It burns DVD+R’s at 12x and -R’s at 8x + & - RW’s burn at 4x. It is also able to burn dual layer DVD’s at 2.4x. Shortly after i purchased this burner they released a 16x Burner. it looks identical. could mine be upgaded to 16x? is there any firmware available?

From the description of your drive it seems that it’s built by LG as this model number is exactly the same as one of their drives and furthermore I think LG are the only ones supporting DVD-RAM, so you can check if what you want is possible with the LG drive at their website.

unless you seen in another thread that updating that dvd burner you have with the firmware of the newer drive has worked then dont try it,firmware isnt the only thing that matters,if the hardware in both drives is diffrent then youll wreck it up when youll update